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I’m 4′ 8″ with an attitude of a shrub,
I know ya think of me as little more than a grub;
Why the shrub, you may ask me,
Cause I have more of the world left to see.

Tantrum throwing teenagers, you tell me?
There is a lot more than that to me, you see.
With books and pens and paper and thoughts,
I live to find a way beyond the moats.

See the world with a different eye,
Hopes and dreams left to supply,
In the Middle-East, I stay,
Reaching out to the world, I may.

Many years later, I hope I see,
Myself somewhere in a beautiful place,
Far away, never to reverse,
Deep beyond this great Universe…


Here’s a shorter version if you are too lazy to read it. I won’t blame you, either. Cause, frankly, I myself, have no idea if what I wrote was a poem or a rap song.

I live in the Middle East. I read and review books.


I write almost about everything, to even random stuff.


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