The Daemoniac

Title: The Daemoniac

Author: Kat Ross

Final Verdict:

Publication Year: 2016

Genre: Mystery

Oi, people!

This is my last blog post of this month. I will not be blogging until maybe August as I have to leave for study based matters. You know that moment, when you finally understand a feeling only after you end up in such a situation? Well, nodus tollens is the word that I learnt this week.

Let’s get back on track. Some jumbled thoughts…

The Daemoniac is actually a prequel to the first novel, the Thirteenth Gate, releasing this year. I am huge fan of detective novels. Nancy Drew and Famous Five are my all time favorite five star reads.
Here, we have Harrison Fearing Pell, the sister of a well known detective Myrtle, attempting to solve a mystery for the first time in her life… By impersonating her elder sister. Along with her childhood friend John Weston and an Eleven year old Conner, they set out to find the mystery of a missing man, who may or may not be linked to a series of murders that terrorize New York City. And this happens a few weeks before the Ripper killings in London.

Harry is not exactly the smartest person. She is almost impulsive and stubborn. But, she has a reason for that. She has lived in the shadows of her sister for a long time.

I am a person who had followed the Jack the Ripper killings closely. (On the plus side, the police photographs gave me nightmares for weeks.) So, hearing a different conclusion to it was slightly pleasant. Though, I still believe that at least two people were involved in the crimes. Not just one. And I am sure that the Police know who did it too. If not, why would they burn away the evidence?

The story is a mix of mystery and fantasy. It is more enjoyable because Harrison is someone who does not believe in ghosts or demons. The pacing of the story was smooth and there was never a part where I got left off or lost interest. The story was also a perfect basement for the rest of the series. And I can’t wait to see how Harry has grown after her experiences in this one!

~ Good Day,
Squeaky Blogger.


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