Title: The Fray Theory – Resonance

Author: Nelou Keramati

Final Verdict:

Publication Year: 2016

Genre: Young Adult/New Adult

Hey there, everyone!
Here is my third book of this month and possibly my second last review. I will be leaving soon for a while and won’t be blogging anymore. 😦
But, my mom told me to keep the list of books that she can order while I am away, so that’s a good thing. 😀

Alrighty, then. I found this book completely my random while browsing through Goodreads. I almost have no interest in reading any book that is releasing this year after seeing what has been going on there lately. BEWARE OF SPOILERS.

Like the Midnight Sea, this book too, dropped silently in August 2016, but got hidden beneath all the hyped up ones. I can describe the book in one way: I felt like I was watching a Science Fiction television show in the form of a book.
It’s difficult to explain the book without giving anything away, but if you are curious for a light read, this one will be fine. :/

Never Knightly is a Cognitive Neuroscience student and leads a pretty normal life until the one day, a dream she has seen comes true. Around the same time, her boyfriend, who left without any hint for three and a half years, returns from wherever he was…. And Dylan refuses to talk to her about what he had been doing for the past three years.  The book is told from the view point of three of the characters: Neve, Dylan and Romer.

During the first fifty pages or so—

Romer Anthony, Dylan’s estranged best friend has no interest in seeing what Dylan had been up to. *SPOILER ALERT* Apparently, he had been in jail since the last three years. *SPOILER CLOSED*

Neve soon begins to understand that she is being watched. In an attempt to find out more about her dreams, she visits Alex Galen, Dylan’s godfather, a psychiatrist for help. He in turn gives her a book in which he had written down his research about a certain FRAY THEORY.

I have to admit, Miss. Karamati spent a lot of time, making an actual theory based on an actual hypothesis. Its rare to see such things in a book, and I am happy that she thought a lot about it.
I mean, she even somehow managed to figure out an equation that actually makes sense.

Now… about romance. *cracks knuckles*
I hate love triangles. I absolutely despise them. I once took an oath around three years back: That I’ll never touch another book with a long triangle. And since three years, I have pettily stuck to that promise. I asked Nelou Keramati whether her book has a love triangle and she said that it was not a love triangle. Which is why I picked up this book without thinking twice. When I initially checked the reviews for this one, I saw that people had already picked Teams, Team Romer or Team Dylan.

I don’t understand people choosing teams. To me, love triangles always show what a spineless person the girl is. I may be a bit harsh when I am saying that, but how can you make decisions about the world, when you can’t even make a firm choice of your own? I only ever supported two love triangles in my life, and those two were not even triangles.

SPOILER ALERT! I felt really uncomfortable when Romer and Never kissed. They never talk about it or nothing, but I had a very bad feeling for the rest of the book.SPOILER CLOSED!

I am just praying that this story doesn’t spiral into another romance, cause those people have enough going on without having love-ovely, wishy washy things going on between them.

The book was overall, good.  It reminded me a lot about Super 8 and Stranger Things. (They kind of deal with similar subjects.) But, it seemed to be a build-up for the next books. That’s why I am rating it three stars.  It’s kind of a crazy book, but I do want to know if they ever find out anything worth it. So, it’s either going to be this, if the story is going well:

Or this, cause I can’t stand anymore Ships and fangirling:

~ Sincerely,
Squeaky Blogger


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